Rethinking needed after Bosnian elections

Full article ”Rethinking
needed after Bosnian elections”


my earlier article – Bosnia
on the road to the EU, sorry to Dissolution

– I described a bit the background and made some small forecast about
outcome which seems to be not so far away from reality. Now elections
are held. In EU’s fears the realized final results reflecting the
status quo will set the stage for another four years of drift,
diminishing the possibility of a path to the EU. Economic hardship
and political uncertainty will continue and the country or at least
FBiH could develop more as a potential jump-off point for Islamic
radicalism. RS Serb officials will try to undermine federal
structures and try even to make a peaceful secession.


my point of view there is no reason for defeatism in Bosnia, totally
opposite I see now possiblities to create a new “lighter”
administrative system, election results may give a boost to more
decentralized outcome which also can be kept more democratic.


new middle way could be found from decentralization at local level.
Instead of strong federalist state the new state level solution could
be a confederation made up from newly formulated and more autonomious
entities – from RS and to Bosniak and Croat entities splitted FBiH.
EU’s solution for Bosnia has so far been to force people to
accept a form of governance that they don’t want and be part of a
state that they don’t want. Now it is time for rethinking in
international community; forced centralization should be replaced
with more pragmatic ways, such as decentralization and ethnic
self-determination. Confederation might be one solution.



Full article ”Rethinking
needed after Bosnian elections”


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