Deep philosophy of this improvised piece Parallelly

My comment to my follower in Youtube:

Thank you for your lively description in your moments there in Winter situation that seems to be maybe even months further than it is here. Maybe you have there more snow in general there than we in Finland where I live about 80 km from Tampere to north-east. Being about 50 cm snow and real winter. Here has not yet being at all snow. But it is quite close nowadays, but only few centimeters.
Title of my piece. I like it how flexible way you change your angle to think such things both in direction and level – still keeping abstract quality of title of my piece in mind. That is nice flexibility of your mind. And also your description of situation of listening is wonderful and beautiful. You must have nice manysided and manyleveled mind, congratulations of it.
When I played that piece and watched it in video it came in to my mind that there is deviations in melody lines and timing of both hands and melodies but still being i  harmony – as kind of way as music giant J S Bach did. That life can be both free and still flexible also in harmony way even if two things differences from each other but still are connected to each other. In deep meaning of both in music and life that life is not in singular notes or melodies – but BETWEEN THEM. Between. Really, between. Someting that is not seen not objective not material – but is still the most important thing in life. Unfortunately aspect that this material and egoist narcissistic world has lost even understand it – that most important things are not in material things or in people – but between them – unseen, unobjective things. Music is not in notes – it’s essence is between them.
In every single things all important is between them. This world is not essentially in singular things but between things in their relationships. That is what this world has lost in it’s narcissism. Essential is not seen, not objective but is still most important.
That is why I put title of this piece Parallel. Allthough melodies goes in their ways they still have essentially harmony between them. That is why J S Bach made so heavenly basic music. He made it between singular notes and melodies.

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