Yemen ; an open letter to UN security council

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The humanitarian crisis in Yemen (2015 – ) has grown to a disproportionate size and situation in the country has become intolerable. Also the situation in South – Sudan needs immediate help.  If there is anything good left in the field of international diplomacy; now is time to show it.

The EU, USA, China and Russia should work together in the UN Secretary Council and immediately declare a No Fly – Zone in Yemen (and, if necessary) consider one in also to South – Sudan. The superpowers have the capacity to develop the needed logistics and – in order to deliver the aid in proper manner – also the required military muscles to force the opposite sides in Yemen and South – Sudan to peace – or at least to an armistice.


If the superpowers act now, in unity, millions of human lives can still be saved but time is running short – and fast!…/yemen-food-aid-at-risk-of-…/ar-BBTtcS3


The UNSC – for what it´s worth – should finally show it has some kind of ability to co-operate unanimously and – despite the disagreements in the past – settle their differences for a second.





This is no time for international intellectual dishonesty or a political chess game because millions of lives are in stake.

It´s time to act now before it´s too late.


The cries of innocent people have reached the skies. 





If the US – together with the other superpowers – only would use its diplomatic influence in the situation (especially to the Saudi´s) it could make a whole lot of difference in the area.


IF the UNSC can´t even in this kind of a situation work unanimously, then one can only ask; what It´s worth, then?     

UN Security Council


If the international community could only at least this once put their disagreements behind and act in unity it would mean the worlds to the suffering Yemenis people.

Dream big – Act Now


UN calls out US, UK & France for complicity in Yemen war crimes


The UN Human Rights Council slammed the US, UK and France for their complicity in alleged war crimes in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition, warning that abetting such crimes by selling arms or other aid is also illegal.

States that knowingly aid or assist parties to the conflict in Yemen in the commission of violations would be responsible for complicity in the relevant international humanitarian law violations,” the UNHRC’s Group of Eminent International and Regional Experts on Yemen declared in a lengthy report published on Tuesday.

With the number of public reports alleging and often establishing serious violations of international humanitarian law no State can claim not to be aware of such violations being perpetrated in Yemen.


The 274-page report enumerated possible war crimes committed by both sides in the conflict, including airstrikes and shelling, landmines, “siege-like tactics,” attacks on hospitals and other vital infrastructure, arbitrary arrests and executions, torture, and forced conscription of children into combat. The writers claimed to have forwarded the names of top military and political individuals from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and the Houthi movement to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for further investigation and possible prosecution.




The UNHRC report also provided an update on the shocking scale of the humanitarian crisis, revealing that nearly a quarter of the Yemeni population was malnourished at the start of 2019, according to the Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, with 230 of 333 districts at risk of famine and 24.1 million people in need of assistance merely to survive.



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