Curved space a’la Einstein vs. expanding lights a’la Savorinen

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Curved space a’la Einstein vs. expanding lights a’la Savorinen

Yes, curved space is a hoot!

It’s the emperor naked.


Actually, all lights expand in space outward into the already existing space.

Light waves consist of zillions of separate expanding condensations that cannot be registered with our expanding devices.

Yes, also nucleus of atoms expanding and recycling dark expanding energy / pushing force which have a nature of electrons and photons which also expanding.

For the generation of one expandable photon that can be registered, zillions of them are needed.

What quarks expanding in space are needed for the birth of one star expanding in space.

Really really a lot 🙂

A zillion is not the right number, but it describes in this case that it is a very large number of separate densifications, which therefore expand and circulate among themselves the energy that disperses / expanding into space / pushing force.

These discrete expanding densifications have an internal structure. Internal motion / time. Density and volume. Internal pressure.

They are able to push through each other and during that time they interact with each other strongly, causing each other’s expansion to accelerate.

That, in turn, causes the speed of the expanding light to accelerate away from where the expanding light is pushing away from.

Expanding light therefore has its own internal pressure.

All expanding lights form a common energy field expanding into space.

Far away from the expanding stars, the expanding lights push straight ahead.

When the expanding light passes close to the expanding star, its separate expanding condensations and separate expanding photons are exerted more of a pushing force on the side away from the expanding star.

This is based on the fact that the expanding light, which has experienced entropy for billions of years, contains very small-scale condensations that collide with the expanding photons pushing past the expanding star, and thus by pushing them, they are pushed towards the expanding star.

That is, the new expanding light originating from the expanding star does not yet contain the energy / pushing force of that scale, or at least not nearly as much pushing force / energy of that scale, and thus the expanding photons that push past the expanding star are hardly pushed away from the expanding star 🙂

For the same reason, the so-called the gravitational lensing effect caused by galaxies.

This view is scientific.

We can try to manipulate the trajectory of light using light that is billions of years old.

You can’t try to manipulate curved space in such a way that you could get any kind of information that this so-called the manipulation of curved space would have been successful.

When you understand that actually the expanding waves of light that are dark to us consist of zillions of separate expanding condensations that interact with each other, you understand that the so-called expanding space is also needed to explain observations.

The cosmological redshift of light is also explained by the fact that the expanding lights, which are dark to us, interact with each other and accelerate each other’s expansion and at the same time speed of movement.

The more often the expanding light has entered the region of each other’s galaxy clusters or passed them, the more often its speed has been accelerated by fresher, more energetic and slightly faster expanding light, and thus the expanding light is more stretched the older it is.

It makes no sense to explain the cosmological redshift of light in terms of space. That is, that kind of hokkokkok somehow somehow with the help of the expanding space.

It can be explained in all its simplicity by the fact that all lights expand in space outward into the already existing space so that they interact with each other, etc.

Of course, we have to think about what has happened to the cosmologically redshifted light as it has moved through space.

There is no reason to think about what would have happened to space.

After all, we haven’t observed the expanding space.

We have observed cosmologically redshifted LIGHT.

Think about that every time you read silly nonsense about the expanding space.

With the help of the current atomic model, you cannot create a theory of everything in physics 🙂

Physicists have to accept the fact that everything basically consists of one and the same physically concretely existing thing, which is naturally already a pushing force in itself.

By existing, a density consisting of this physically concretely existing thing, i.e. a system in which this physically concretely existing thing is denser than outside that system, takes its own space from the infinite 3D space.

In its place relative to the environment, another similar density cannot be pushed, if it is not first pushed away from that point relative to the environment.

This way we can understand that it itself consists of something physically concrete to which a pushing force can be applied, so that it itself applies to its environment what it is made of, i.e. a pushing force.

When you understand that this one thing, of which everything basically consists, is already a pushing force in itself, you also understand that there is nothing that is a pulling force.

It’s all about which direction to push more and which direction to push less.

Thus, everything tends to push towards where it is least pushed away from.

When we are on the surface of the expanding Earth, by pushing us, we are pushed upwards, that is, away from the center of the expanding Earth. As the Earth expands and we ourselves expand in infinite 3D space outwards into already existing space.

Of course, the separate expanding densifications of our expanding atomic cores are also pushed toward the center of the expanding Earth.

So it is not easy for us to escape the surface of the expanding Earth.

For that, we need a space-expanding rocket whose space-expanding fuel we can make expand faster than normal in space outward into the already existing space.

That’s enough explosive/expanding thrust in space to push the expanding rocket away from the center of the expanding Earth faster than the surface of the expanding Earth pushes away from the center of the expanding Earth.

The first premise that physicists have to understand and accept is that quarks and of course also photons have density and volume. Internal structure. Internal motion / time.

Internal PRESSURE. And that internal pressure causes the matter / energy / pushing force in the quarks and photons to spread outward in space into the already existing space.


Observations should not be explained using space. It’s a loser’s business. Einstein opened the Pandora’s box of physics when he grabbed the concept of curved space out of his hat.

Curved space is the naked emperor.

The lights expanding in space interact with each other, accelerating each other’s expansion, and thus the speed of the expanding lights accelerates in the same proportion as the matter and the lights expand.

And this has already been scientifically proven.

And you would also accept it if Einstein hadn’t pulled a new god out of his hat and named it curved space.

Now, however, you believe in the existence of that god, the curved space. And Einstein is to blame for this. And you yourself.

Let’s think that Einstein would have presented the same thing as me, i.e. that the nuclei of atoms expand and circulate a dark expanding pushing force which has e.g. nature of expanding light.

He would have said that the electrons and photons that can be registered are created from this dark energy that disperses/expands into space, so that electrons and photons also expand, because they consist of this energy that disperses/expands into space, which therefore has an internal pressure that causes it to disperse all the time in space to a larger and larger area of space .

He would have said that, for example, the trajectory of the expanding light pushing past the Sun bends towards the Sun, because the light expanded in space for billions of years, which is also pushed towards the Sun, contains a pushing force that pushes the photons pushing past the Sun towards the Sun.

Einstein would have predicted that during a solar eclipse this could be proven by observing the stars in the background of the Sun whose location is known.

And then it would have been scientifically proven.

And no one ever anywhere after that would have thought of making an idiotic claim about the hokkus pokkus space which always curves, expands, undulates, twists, stretches and bangs according to what is needed to explain some observation.

Only losers explain observations with space, because they are unable to explain observations with the help of systems that move in space and change in space.

Hokkus pokkus space is easy to give properties with which hokkus pokkus space always does this and that according to what needs to be explained at any time without actually explaining anything at all.

Expanding space is the naked emperor

Expanding space is a hoot

Curved space is a hoot

The undulating space is a hoot

Rotating space is a hoot

None of these hokkus pokkus spaces are needed.

It is enough that the lights consist for the most part of dark expanding waves which, when interacting with each other, accelerate each other’s expansion and thus cause each other’s speed to accelerate in the same proportion as matter and light expand.

When you understand and grasp this, you realize that there is no need for such haphazard spaces.

At the same time, many things that have remained mysteries until now are explained without inexplicable dark matter, dark energies, pulling forces, etc.

As well as

1. The cosmological redshift of light

2. The so-called gravitational lens effect

3. The so-called gravitational redshift

4. Double slit test

5. How lights always know how to move at the speed characteristic of light.



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Niin, kaareutuva avaruus on huuhaata!

Se on keisari alasti.

Oikeasti kaikki valot laajenevat avaruudessa ulos päin jo olemassa olevaan avaruuteen.

Valon aallot koostuvat ziljoonista erillisistä laajenevista tihentymistä joita ei meidän laitteilla pystytä rekisteröimään.

Yhden rekisteröitävissä olevan laajenevan fotonin syntymiseen niitä tarvitaan ziljoonittain.

Mitä nyt yhden avaruudessa laajenevan tähden syntymiseen tarvitaan avaruudessa laajenevia kvarkkeja.

Todella todella paljon 🙂

Ziljoona ei ole oikea luku, mutta se kuvaa tässä tapauksessa että kyseessä on erittäin iso määrä erillisiä tihentymiä jotka siis laajenevat ja kierrättävät keskenään avaruuteen hajaantuvaa / laajenevaa energiaa / työntävää voimaa.

Näillä erillisillä laajenevilla tihentymillä on sisäinen rakenne. Sisäinen liike / aika. Tiheys ja tilavuus. Sisäinen paine.

Ne pystyvät työntymään toistensa läpi ja sinä aikana ne vuorovaikuttavat toistensa kanssa voimakkaasti, saaden toistensa laajenemisen kiihtymään.

Se taas saa laajenevan valon vauhdin kiihtymään pois päin sieltä mistä päin laajeneva valo työntyy pois päin.

Laajenevalla valolla on siis oma sisäinen paine.

Kaikki laajenevat valot muodostavat yhteisen avaruuteen laajenevan energiakentän.

Kaukana laajenevista tähdistä laajenevat valot työntyvät suoraviivaisesti eteenpäin.

Kun laajeneva valo ohittaa laajenevan tähden läheltä, sen erillisiin laajeneviin tihentymiin ja erillisiin laajeneviin fotoneihin kohdistuu enemmän työntävää voimaa sille puolelle joka on pois päin laajenevasta tähdestä.

Tämä perustuu siihen että miljardeja vuosia entropiaa kokenut laajeneva valo sisältää erittäin pienen mittakaavan tihentymiä joita törmää laajenevan tähden ohi työntyviin laajeneviin fotoneihin ja näin niitä työntämällä työnnetään kohti laajenevaa tähteä.

Eli laajenevasta tähdestä peräisin oleva uusi laajeneva valo ei vielä sisällä tuon mittaluokan energiaa / työntävää voimaa tai ei ainakaan läheskään niin paljon tuon mittaluoka työntävää voimaa / energiaa ja näin laajenevan tähden ohi työntyviä laajenevia fotoneita ei juurikaan työnnetä pois päin laajenevasta tähdestä 🙂

Samasta syystä ns. gravitaatiolinssi-ilmiö jonka saavat aikaan galaksit.

Tämä näkemys on tieteellinen.

Voimme yrittää manipuloida valon liikerataa miljardeja vuosia vanhan valon avulla.

Kaareutuvaa avaruutta ei voi yrittää manipuloida siten että voisi saada minkäänlaista infoa siitä että tämän ns. kaareutuvan avaruuden manipulointi olisi onnistunut.

Kun ymmärtää että oikeasti valojen meille pimeät laajenevat aallot koostuvat ziljoonista erillisistä laajenevista tihentymistä jotka vuorovaikuttavat keskenään, ymmärtää ettei ns. laajenevaa avaruuttakaan tarvita selittämään havaintoja.

Valon kosmologinen punasiirtymä selittyy myös sillä että laajenevien valojen meille pimeät laajenevat valot vuorovaikuttavat keskenään ja kiihdyttävät toistensa laajenemista ja samalla liikenopeutta.

Mitä useammin laajeneva valo on tullut toistensa galaksijoukkojen alueelle tai ohittanut niitä, sitä useammin sen vauhtia on kiihdytetty tuoreemman, energisemmän ja vähän nopeamman laajenevan valon toimesta ja näin laajeneva valo on sitä venyneempää mitä vanhempaa se on.

Ei ole mitään järkeä selittää valon kosmologista punasiirtymää avaruuden avulla. Siis tuollaisen hokkus pokkus jotenkin jotenkin laajenevan avaruuden avulla.

Se kun selittyy kaikessa yksinkertaisuudessaan sillä että kaikki valot laajenevat avaruudessa ulos päin jo olemassa olevaan avaruuteen siten että ne vuorovaikuttavat keskenään jne.

Tietysti meidän pitää pohtia sitä mitä kosmologisesti punasiirtyneelle valolle on tapahtunut kun se on liikkunut avaruudessa.

Ei mitään syytä pohtia mitä avaruudelle olisi tapahtunut.

Emmehän me ole havainneet laajenevaa avaruutta.

Me olemme havainneet kosmologisesti punasiirtynyttä VALOA.

Mieti sitä aina kun luet höpö höpö juttuja laajenevasta avaruudesta.







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The nuclei of atoms expand and recycle an expanding dark pushing force that has the nature of dark expanding waves of expanding light. Also the nature of expanding electrons and expanding photons. The dark waves of expanding light interact with each other, accelerating the expansion of each other, and thus the expanding lights move faster and faster in the same proportion as substances / matter and lights expand.
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