Did the April 8 solar eclipse help discus throwers set wild world records about a week later?

On April 8, 2024, the Moon’s shadow also moved through the Oklahoma area. I assume that during a total solar eclipse, the center of the Earth is strongly activated by dark energy originating from the Sun.

Especially when the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Moon’s shadow moves close to the center of the Earth.

This happened on April 8th for a long period of about 4 to 6 hours as the Moon’s shadow moved through Mexico and Texas through the Oklahoma area.

The more strongly the center of the Earth was activated. The more dark energy stopped in the center of the Earth, the more it was pushed out of the Earth with a delay.

There were some wild results in the discus throw in Oklahoma.


World record! In athletics, there was a historic terrible result


”Lithuania’s Mykolas Alekna equaled the all-time result in the men’s discus throw by throwing a new world record of 74.35 in the competition held in Oklahoma, USA

Schult’s previous ME 74.08 was set in June 1986 and was the longest standing world record in men’s athletics.

Only 21-year-old Alekna was in top form in Oklahoma’s favorable throwing weather, as she crossed the 70-meter mark with each of her six throws.”

Also iltalehti write that way.

Oklahoma’s weekend also saw a tremendous throw in the women’s discus throw, when Cuban Yaime Perez posted a result of 73.09, improving her record by almost four meters. Perez’s discus streak was the longest in women’s discus since 1989

The Olympic limit for men’s discus throw is 67.20 meters this year. Fourteen men have broken the line – eight just on Sunday in Oklahoma. Eight of the top ten in the world ranking of the season scored in the same place.”


The wind conditions had therefore been excellent.

Perhaps the discus throwers also got help from the fact that the center of the Earth was strongly activated about a week earlier with an energy that physicists still don’t understand.

I assume that this energy is related to the so-called Subject to a phenomenon that has often been observed in connection with solar eclipses and, I understand, also somewhat before and after a solar eclipse.

It would be about how close to the center of the Earth the line between the center of the Sun and the center of the Moon intersects the center of the Earth.

That is, how close the alignment of the Sun, the Moon and the Moon’s shadow passes the center of the Earth.

The closer, the stronger the phenomenon.

If so, scientific experiments should always be done when a total solar eclipse occurs at noon and near the equator.

The April 8 solar eclipse is pretty much exactly at noon in Mexico, I believe, and the area is much closer to the equator than the North Pole.

Ok, there is a lot of pressure in the center of the Earth.

I assume that massive and dense particles originating from the center of the Earth are pushed out of the Earth all the time, and on April 8th they are pushed through the area shadowed by the Moon directly towards the Moon and the Sun.

They meet particles corresponding to the countersphere, which originate from the Sun and the Moon.

During straight alignment, these particles have time to push through the corresponding particles again and again.

During the pushing through of each opposing particle, there is a strong interaction and thus the energy in the particles is dispersed over a larger area and the probability of encountering the next one increases, etc.

Pushing through the moon also activates these particles. Inside the moon, this small-scale energy moves more densely and inside these particles, etc.

Pushing towards the moon, these particles already have time to activate more than normal, because they encounter particles that have already penetrated the moon and activated inside the moon.

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