Humans create the effect of gravity with own bodys

Humans create the effect of gravity Benches for the rail. A person for every bench.

Feet hooked.The soles of the first feet against the wall. The soles of the following

people against the back of the one in front.

Then everyone straightens their legs. Pushing themselves away from each other.

Accelerated movement occurs and at the same time the phenomenon of gravity without a pulling force.

We can expain all phenomenas with expanding pushing force.



Zeus created lightning. The expanding space create the light to stretch.

What’s the difference between this two gods?


This information is very important. Tell the researchers who study cancer about this.

There is dark energy. This true dark energy disperses / expands in space to a larger area of space.

Yes, that’s what the expanding quarks, along with all other expanding quarks, recycle.

And with that, the expanding quarks push each other away from each other all the time.

This true expanding dark energy has nothing to do with expanding space.

Expanding space is the emperor of the naked.

Dark energy is therefore constantly dispersed in space to a larger and larger area of space.

Expanding nuclei of atoms there are areas of congestion of this energy that is dispersed into space

and the expanding energy in them will changes over time due to recycling.

Is this too much for you?


Maxwell and Poincare proved mathematically that the nuclei of atoms expand

and circulate the expanding repulsive force As Maxwell and Poincaré showed,

inelastic collisions lead to a vaporization of matter within fractions of a second

and the suggested solutions were not convincing.

For example, Aronson[27] gave a simple proof of Maxwell’s assertion:

Suppose that, contrary to Maxwell’s hypothesis, the molecules of gross matter actually possess more

energy than the particles. In that case the particles would, on the average, gain energy in the

collision and the particles intercepted by body B would be replaced by more energetic ones

rebounding from body B. Thus the effect of gravity would be reversed: there would be a mutual

repulsion between all bodies of mundane matter, contrary to observation.


Partially based on the calculations of Darwin, an important criticism was given Henri Poincaré 1908

He concluded that the attraction is proportional to, where S is earth’s molecular surface area,

v is the velocity of the particles, and ρ is the density of the medium. Following Laplace,

he argued that to maintain mass-proportionality the upper limit for S is at the most a ten-millionth

of the Earth’s surface. Now, drag (i.e. the resistance of the medium) is proportional to Sρv and

therefore the ratio of drag to attraction is inversely proportional to Sv. To reduce drag, Poincaré

calculated a lower limit for v = 24 · 1017 times the speed of light. So there are lower limits for

Sv and v, and an upper limit for S and with those values one can calculate the produced heat, which

proportional to Sρv3. Calculation shows, earth’s temperature would rise by 1026 degrees per second


Poincaré noticed, ”that the earth could not long stand such a regime.” Poincaré  analyzed waveModels

(Tommasina and Lorentz), remarking that they suffered the same problems as the particle models.


To reduce drag, superluminal wave velocities were necessary,

and they would still be subject to the heating problem.

After describing a similar re-radiation model like Thomson, he concluded:”Such are the

complicated hypotheses to which we are led when we seek to make Le Sage’s theory tenable”.

He also stated that if in Lorentz’ model the absorbed energy is fully converted into heat,

that would raise earth’s temperature by 1013 degrees per second.

Poincaré then went on to consider Le Sage’s theory in the context of the ”new dynamics” that had

been developed at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries,

specifically recognizing the relativity principle. For a particle theory, he remarked that

it is difficult to imagine a law of collision compatible with the principle of relativity”,

and the problems of drag and heating remain.”

Hilarious. Poincaré did not have the guts to take the idea further. His mathematics proved,

atomic nuclei are exploding and constantly recirculating exploding dark energy

which gives rise to expanding electrons and photons.


More than 100 years old mathematics of Poincare and Maxwell proves it.


Most important thing for you is to understand that no one can describe in words,


nor visually what the expansion of the expanding space is.


No one can tell what the expansion of the expanding space is based on.


No one can even tell what could enable the expansion of space itself.


In these discussions, you should always ask these questions.


1. What is the expansion of space based on?


2. What could make it possible for space itself to expand?


3. What happens to the expanding space when it expands?


It is easy to say that later there is more space in the region between galaxy clusters.


It is just as easy to say that god created the universe.


But that’s not science! Google: Savorinen Uusi Suomi blogi and Savorinen.



Zeus created lightning. The expanding space create the light to stretch. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

What’s the difference between this two gods? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Before me, people
we are one.
After we, we
know we are
eternal one
Maybe ”Jesus comes” this way that We collectively understand that we are one. No like one man coming
Flat Earther and globe Earther,
Nuclei of atoms, there are congestion areas of expanding energy that circulate the dark expanding energy which have a nature of electrons and photons which also expanding. Space dont expanding.
Expanding dark energy is pushed out of the expanding nuclei of atoms, which creates registrable particles such as electrons and photons which also expanding.
The expanding waves of the expanding lights, which are dark to us, interact with each other and accelerate each other’s expansion. At the same time, the speed of the expanding lights accelerates in the same proportion as the substances and lights expand. This is true relativity that Einstein was never able to realize.
Maxwell and Poincare proved a long time ago mathematically that matter explodes / expands all the time if all phenomena are explained by a pushing force.
Google: Le Sage’s theory of gravitation and read. It’s true. Maxwell and Poincaré did not have the guts to take the idea further. I had and I have.
Google: Savorinen Jukka
Uusi Suomi blogi

It may be possible to see expanding stars appear as if from nothing. But not really out of nowhere.

Expanding supermassive objects push out zillions of expanding dark matter condensations from which new expanding stars can be born quickly. All that is needed is another expanding supermassive object moving close to the other.

Then the expanding densifications of dark matter push again and again through the corresponding expanding densifications. As a result of the interaction, their expansion accelerates to the point of an explosion, and now many new expanding stars are born with out curving space and with out pulling force

My goal is to unite humanity. We are the eternal one experiencing everything.

If so, we can scientifically prove this to ourselves.We would find ourselves, as it were.


What do you say if we can scientifically prove to ourselves that we are eternally one


We are eternal one living all lives at the same time. We have not yet to collectively realizeThis.
We will be able to scientifically prove this to ourselves later.
That is, that we are one energy field that experiences all lives at the same time.
Bodies would be just biological machines through which we, Eternal one, would experience Ourselves.
We experience ourselves through these biological machines
The thinking would take place in a really large area in the energy field. Not in the brain.
Energy field would therefore experience all lives at the same time by being connected to the brain.

Very fast particles push through the brain and give information to the brain.


The brain gives information to these particles moving through the brain.

We are one. Everything we do to each other, we do to ourselves. Think about it.
While we are separate individuals, we are one energy field that experiences all separate lives
Einstein understood, time is relative. He never understood that the size of matter is relative Also.

You now have the opportunity to be part of making history.

Just tell this ideas for other people all ove the world.

Lets tell this ideas also for Jim Carrey 🙂

Savorinen 21.1.2024

In here, In Earth.


Jukka Petteri Savorinen

Uusi Suomi blogini

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I am the One who found out how Universe working.

The nuclei of atoms expand and recycle an expanding dark pushing force that has the nature of dark expanding waves of expanding light. Also the nature of expanding electrons and expanding photons. The dark waves of expanding light interact with each other, accelerating the expansion of each other, and thus the expanding lights move faster and faster in the same proportion as substances / matter and lights expand.
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Did Albert Einstein lead physicists and cosmologists on a 100-year delusion?

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