Savorinen asks, is there eternal recycling going on in the infinite 3D space without pulling forces?

Maybe this way 🙂


There are objects outside the visible universe that are so

massive that they emit energy that has the character of expanding galaxies which born from centre to outside.

The center of these objects is under extreme pressure at all times.

Extremely fast energy pushes towards them. Remnants of galaxies that

have expanded into space. Millions of billions of years of energy that

moved through space and was dispersed into space.

It collides with the extremely dense energy pushing away from these

objects at extremely high speed and causes this extremely

dense energy to explode / expand into less dense energy.

The speed of the energy dispersed in space for millions of billions of years

has accelerated for millions of billions of years and therefore collides with

extremely dense energy at an extremely fast speed.

The speed of this extremely fast energy begins to slow down and eventually

stops in an area of extreme pressure. This extreme pressure compresses the energy

that was once scattered in space for millions of billions of years into extremely dense energy.

Pushing away from the center of an extremely dense and massive object starts

once again when more millions of billions of years of space-dispersed energy

pushes into the center of that object, which displaces the energy that was previously pushed

into the center of that object away from the center of that object.

In the infinite 3D universe, there is an eternal recycling going on,

which does not need pulling forces at all to maintain.

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It is assumed that more and more space-dispersing energy is pushed inside the space-expanding quarks, so that all the expanding quarks that circulate the space-dispersed energy are exactly the same.

Their density and volume in relation to each other can be changed when their speed is accelerated in particle accelerators.

When moving in groups, they experience the change in a different way, according to which of them pushes forward and which of them pushes in the background of the first one or the first ones.

That is, they encounter expanding energy pushing against them, which affects them differently according to the order in which they encounter the energy pushing against them.

And it affects how they recycle this energy that is scattered in space.

Naturally, energy also plays a big role, which accelerates their pace.

That too changes the density and volume of quarks expanding in space. The speed of internal movement / time. Internal pressure.

Well, when the expanding nuclei are collided, it’s no wonder that in the collisions, energy is dispersed/expanded into space in such a way that physicists interpret from this information that there are different quarks in the nuclei.

And yes, the density and volume of quarks expanding during collisions are different.

Even so much different that one of the quarks is so dense and small compared to the others that no information is obtained from it in collisions.

I understand that some parties assume that protons and neutrons are made up of zillions of separate quarks. Well, here’s another time.

Nowadays it is taught that protons and neutrons consist of three quarks that are different from each other.

The three quarks form a kite, as it were. In my opinion, four would form a much more logical and stable entity. The pyramid. Tetrahedron.

Ok, when the expanding quarks are at rest relative to us, they would already be much more congested regions of expanding energy with the same density and volume

Of course, their density and volume live somewhat all the time.

While the situation lives on all the time, they come to control each other’s density and volume while circulating with all other expanding quarks this space-dispersing energy of which they themselves are composed. So that it completely changes over time.

When someone momentarily expands a little faster than others, its ability to absorb the space-dispersing energy pushing through itself into itself is worse due to the fact that its density is lower than that of expanding quarks with a smaller volume at that moment.

Of course, more energy dispersing into space pushes through it, because it is bigger at that moment. The situation will recover as the recycling of energy dispersed into space continues.

The ability to recycle energy that dissipates into space is faster because its internal movement / time is faster at that moment.

It seems strange that no one before me has been able to consider that perhaps the so-called the atom is completely different from what physicists have assumed.

Perhaps the volume of matter is also relative.

Perhaps it is the case that time is not only relative.

Maybe here we have the key to the theory of everything in physics🙂



Are there any electrons around the nuclei at all❤️

The atomic model has had time to be modified into a different form even before❤️

Sometimes was theory that the electrons go around the nucleus, etc❤️

Nowadays, there is talk of electron curtains around the nuclei, etc.?❤️

I assume that there is nothing around the cores. In the cores, there would be congestion areas of❤️

expanding energy that would circulate energy scattered in space with all other similar congestion❤️

areas, and at the same time these congestion areas of expanding energy would automatically❤️

push each other away from each other in the same proportion as they expand.

Thus, it can be stated that the nuclei of atoms expand and circulate the expanding dark energy❤️

as zillions of separate expanding condensations whose expansion can be accelerated so fast by the❤️

expanding photon, they do not have time push each other away from each other as fast as they expand❤️

At this stage, a new registrable electron is created/combined from the expanding dark energy❤️

pushing away from the expanding core, which still consists of energy which expanding❤️

Physicists therefore think that they can remove electrons that already exist around the nuclei,❤️

although possibly they can create completely new electrons❤️

In my opinion, physicists should consider this point of view❤️

What makes this view very interesting is that stars would be born on the same principle from❤️

zillions of expanding condensations of dark matter, which would constantly be pushed out❤️

of the expanding supermassive objects in the centers of galaxies❤️

Expanding galaxies would have been formed in space in the early days of the expanding❤️

visible universe when two expanding supermassive objects passed close to each other❤️

The separate expanding concentrations of dark matter would have pushed through each other❤️

again and again and that would have caused them to expand so fast that they wouldn’t have had❤️

time to push each other away from each other as fast as they expand❤️

At this point, they would have started to coalesce into new expanding stars❤️

Perhaps with the James Webb telescope it will be observed that stars were born❤️

as if from nothing. But of course not really out of nowhere, you know❤️

The Expanding supermassive objects in the centers of galaxies would have been born❤️

in their own 3D big bangs on the same principle❤️

So that the expanding galaxies would be large particles that convey information from the object,❤️

which is quite massive and dense because it radiates energy that has the character of galaxies❤️

Naturally, we wouldn’t be able to detect the object we are moving away from❤️

Galaxies would then be particles that transmit information about it❤️


Try to scientifically manipulate this thing of cosmologists called the expanding space in such a way that you get proof of its existence. You can not.

Why do you believe the expanding space exists? It’s not space that expands. The nuclei of atoms expand and circulate the expanding dark energy as zillions of separate expanding condensations that circulate the expanding energy with each other.

They combine e.g. new registrable electrons and photons that also expand.

Send expanding photons with suitable energy towards the expanding nuclei of atoms and the photons cause the expansion of the expanding condensations of dark energy to accelerate so that they combine that way that there born new expanding electrons.

The expanding waves of naturally expanding lights are made up of zillions of these separate expanding condensations of dark energy.

The expanding lights interact with each other and accelerate each other’s expansion, and at the same time, the speed of the expanding lights accelerates in the same proportion as the substances and the lights expand.

The newer, more energetic and faster expanding light of our own expanding galaxy cluster than the old expanding lights from other galaxy clusters accelerates the speed of the old expanding lights, and the old expanding lights are stretched, i.e. cosmologically redshifted, and this happens in 3D space, which does do nothing at all.

Space is eternal and infinity 3 D stage which is nothing. So, space cant do anything at all. It is nothing.

The gravitational lens effect is also explained by entropy affecting the expanding lights, whereby billions of years old expanding lights contain very small-scale energy that collides with expanding photons that move close by stars or galaxies.

The gravitational redshift of light is also explained without curved space.

The band gap experiments already prove that the expanding lights also consist of expanding dark waves that have much more mass than the expanding photons.

And at the same time, it also explains why all expanding lights move at the speed characteristic of expanding light.


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I am the One who found out how Universe working.

The nuclei of atoms expand and recycle an expanding dark pushing force that has the nature of dark expanding waves of expanding light. Also the nature of expanding electrons and expanding photons. The dark waves of expanding light interact with each other, accelerating the expansion of each other, and thus the expanding lights move faster and faster in the same proportion as substances / matter and lights expand.
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Did Albert Einstein lead physicists and cosmologists on a 100-year delusion?

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