Savorinen challenges all those who believe in the existence of expanding space to tell something relevant about expanding space.

Do you believe that expanding space exists?

If so, why?

Zeus created lightning.

The expanding space causes the light to stretch, i.e. cosmologically redshifted.

What is the difference between these concepts?

Nothing at all. In my opinion, they are TOTALLY plausible concepts!

There is no observation whatsoever of expanding space.

A completely believable concept.

There is no explanation as to what could make it possible for space itself to expand somehow. No explanation as to what the expansion of space itself would even be based on, etc.

Or what the expansion of this expanding space is.

Easy to say, space is expanding. Easy to say, later there is more space in the region between galaxy clusters.

Tell me how.

Will more space be pushed into the expanding space? If so, where does this extra space come from? If so, where does this extra space move as it pushes into the expanding space?

If expanding space doesn’t expand like that, then how does it expand?


It is far more logical to assume that the light expanding in space has been observed to have stretched, i.e. cosmologically redshifted 🙂

After all, the observation is of light that has moved in space, not of space.

So you have to explain what has happened to the light. There is no reason to claim that something happened to space.

So there is no observation that something has happened to the space itself.

Space doesn’t even emit light or anything else.

This expanding space cannot be studied scientifically.

You can’t study the god of antiquity, not even Zeus, scientifically.

You can only believe in their existence.

That is, completely religious concepts.


3D space as a space allows the lights to expand outward into the already existing space.

Separate particles of expanding light / congestion areas of space-dispersing energy are able to recycle space-dispersing energy and thus push each other away from each other while moving through space.

Their movement in space in relation to each other is made possible and made possible by 3D space as a space / stage which in itself IS nothing at all.

If you believe that space itself can somehow somehow expand, then tell me what enables the expansion of this expanding space comparable to the gods of antiquity?

I already know, you have no explanation for this.

Don’t worry, be happy.

No one else has either 🙂



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I am the One who found out how Universe working.

The nuclei of atoms expand and recycle an expanding dark pushing force that has the nature of dark expanding waves of expanding light. Also the nature of expanding electrons and expanding photons. The dark waves of expanding light interact with each other, accelerating the expansion of each other, and thus the expanding lights move faster and faster in the same proportion as substances / matter and lights expand.
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Did Albert Einstein lead physicists and cosmologists on a 100-year delusion?

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