Vladimir The Underpants Poisoner hold the speech

Russias the most famous underpants poisoner hold yesterday the speech. Unfortunatenaly, only few understood it, hopefully the Pantsman himself did.

The speech repeated the old: we are great, we will beat everyone, we have biggest balls, biggest organs, everything and so on. We have red lines, beware. Blaablaablaa, could care less. What red lines, mr Pantsman? Wouldnt it been more useful to tell us, the western world, what the red lines are, where they lies and so on? Not much joy if you only know your own lines, mr Pantsman.

On behalf myself and some countryfellas, I tell you that in Finland you have no respect, or lines either. Man that poisons his own citizens is not far away from cockroach. Man who frankly has obsessive need to threat neighbours regularly and try to dominate them, is pathetically gone. Seems that old dinosaurs live but in their own parallel world.

Ok. I understand why you use the term ”red lines”. It would be more ridiculous to use ”brown” ones. In Finland, if you only bewared us crossing brown lines, we would say that brown lines are in your underpants.

As a finnish citizen, I have a question for you, mr Pantsman. Remember when you robbed our territory in 1939-44? Is there any chance to get the robbed area back? It was internationally illegal act, just like the robbing Crimea. In western world we understand that robbing something is a crime. And if you rob something, you must give it back.


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