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Mies runoilee ilmastonmuutokseta todeten heti alkuun ettei sellaista asiaa kuin ilmasto edes ole.

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It’s hard to sort out the climate change one of the weird one,
so that one because there’s no such thing as climate.


Climate and everything are the same word and that’s what bothers
me about change types.
It’s like this is something that bothers me about it technically
like a climate is about everything, ok.
But your models are based on everything your models are based
a number of variables reduce the variables which are everything
to that set how did you decide which set of variables to including
the equation if it’s about everything that’s what that’s what
people talk about the climate apocalypse claim in some sense
we have to change everything a OK what is the same
with the word environment doesn’t mean it means so much that it actually
doesn’t mean anything so this is a crisis of everything
but no, it’s not for it is wife it really is when we’re done
because we can fix everything [Rogan:] Was what’s happening with they
mean specifically is the human human beings are doing that’s
causing the Earth to warm

Right but have to include all these
Factors to the models to determine that all these factors.
What can you not include?
By deciding what you don’t include you decide which set of variables
are cardinal and you have to make that decision and some sense
before you even generate the models.
This is a big problem if that is the case that even if the
climate models are right the error bars are so wide by 100 years
old that will never be able to measure the effects of the changes
were making now will never know with the changes were making
save the climate actually worked.
We can’t measure it the others are too large 100 years out with

You mean by there’s like what errors prediction error so look

Imagine that you’re going to put it out your life goes well.
You can kind of do that.
No, you kinda know tomorrow is going to be somewhat
like today ok, but hoe much is next year’s day going to be like
today well somewhat less certainly because you might get sick
for example and then over 5 Year period well.
There’s much more that has to be a Until the probability
that your prediction is correct decreases as you move forward
in time. That’s why we discount the future.

(Kommentti Esko Karisen blogiin "Grandiositeettiharha ja ilmastonmuutos" poistettu plogistin toimesta, kuten myös tämä Petersonin taustavaikuttajia ja motiiveita valottava kommentti).

Nobelin kirjallisuuspalkinnon on napannut myös runoilija, no kirjallisuuspalkintoahan Peterson ei ansaitse. Sen sijaan nyt jos jaettaisiin erityinen runoilijapalkinto se kuuluisi ehdottomasti juurikin Petersonille. On nimittäin sen verran erinomainen runoilemaan, lähestulkoon joka asiasta.

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