Rheinmetall saattaa rakentaa panssarivaunutehtaan Ukrainaan

Reutersin tietojen mukaan Rheinmetall käy keskusteluja tehtaan rakentamisesta Ukrainaan.

”A Rheinmetall plant can be set up in the Ukraine for around 200 million euros ($212.64 million), which can produce up to 400 Panthers a year,” Papperger was quoted as saying. Panthers are the company’s latest battle tanks models.

”Talks with the Ukrainian government are promising and I hope for a decision in the next two months,” he added.

While the Western Allies were sending enough arms for Ukraine to defend itself, the Ukrainians currently do not have enough equipment to fully retake their territory, Papperger said.

He said Ukraine needed 600 to 800 tanks and the construction of new tanks must start quickly to achieve that number, he said.

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