Entinen muslimi kertoo miten asia on, ja miksi Lännen pitäisi herätä!

The issue of Islamism in Britain is back to the top of the agenda. It was central to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s speech on March 1st; George Galloway declared “This is for Gaza” on winning the Rochdale by-election; since October 7th Hamas-sympathetic groups have taken the streets of London every week and now even Parliamentary protocol has been overturned to protect MPs from Islamist threats.

So how have we got here?

Who better to to enlighten us than Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ayaan is the epitome of courage. An apostate twice over, first laving Islam and then after becoming a prominent New Atheist, she has now converted to Christianity.

She explains how Islamism came to Britain in the first place. We discuss the problematic term “Islamophobia” which has been adopted by the Labor Party. The problem of grooming gangs, the failure of interrogation and much else.

Where is there common ground between Christians and Muslims? Who better to ask than a woman has been both. We talk about her conversion to Christianity and the response of New Atheists like Richard Dawkins.

Ayaan is one of my heroes. I first read her book ‘Infidel’ ten years ago. To sit with her was an honor. I only wish it hadn’t been to discuss such a dire situation.

Sitoutumaton Tampere

Tälläinen noin kaksimetrinen mörkö, hyvin syöneenä ihan mukava, mutta nälkäisenä vähän äksy.

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