The Axis of Appeasement and the Sickness of Russian Spirit and Soul


Make no mistake – the war Russia has been waging since 2014 is not `Putin´s war`. It is an old school of Imperialistic war waged by Russia and it is supported by the large majority of the Russian people. Industrial warfare aiming for conquest of new territories and the subjugation of other nations. Type of war that the civilized world gradually gave up after the Second World War.

The vast majority of Russians support this war and an even larger one wants to keep the most prized one of their recent conquests – Crimea. Only once the ship starts sinking will the rats flee and claim that they were never onboard. Kreml´s dictatorship has crushed the opposition, civil society and silenced the public discourse. Unity achieved by coercion may not last long, but when dealing with Russia now when the fate of the Ukrainian state and the very existence of the Ukrainian nation is at stake we must not fall for fallacies. Russian people must bear the consequences and the sanctions are not any kind of collective punishment, but a necessary measure to check the imperialistic dictatorship that is waging war against Europe and our allies. If anything the West is too soft and lenient towards the Russians.

This is a Russian war and aggression. Putin is a symptom caused by dysfunctional society in combination with the total inability to free the Russian spirit and soul from the shackles of the Stalinist, Communist, and Imperialistic-Colonial past. Only when the Russian people feel the same about Stalin and Putin as the Germans feel about Hitler, the same about Putinism and Stalinism as the Germans feel about Nazism we can finally say that the Russian soul is free. Our task is not to free them since only the Russians themselves can do it, but our task is to confront and defeat the Russian Imperialism and the dictator hiding in the bunkers of Kreml.

This war is fueled by Nationalistic fever, propaganda reinforced hate of Western values and the idea of the `Russian World`that is used to legitimize Russian supremacy among the Slavic peoples, Orthodox Christians, and what Moscow calls ´Near Abroad´. But unlike in Moscow´s heinous propaganda, the reality of this Russian World is made of death, genocide, destruction, abuse, and suffering for all who fall under its shadow. Ronald Reagan called the previous Russian regime an “Evil Empire” but this Russia we have today does not even pretend to be anything else. Threats of nuclear war, calling for the annihilation of the Ukrainian nation and war crimes everywhere where the Muscovite soldiers step in are almost daily occurrences.

Just like Hitler Putin did not start with war, but with gradual re-armament and preparing for war. Each and every step till February 2022 was rather small or at least we wanted to believe so. Crimean occupation and Russian-instigated war and occupation in Eastern Ukraine were trial runs. They showed Putin that the West does not have resolution to confront him and that the Axis of Appeasement is ready and willing to play along.

And then the leaders like Merkel, Trump, Macron never missed a chance to downplay the threatening developments. We at the frontier were blamed for Russophobia when we were pointing at the obvious. The slow ones understood the gravity of the developments after the war in 2008 – and anyone with half a brain understood all clearly after 2014. The Polish and the Baltic peoples understood it all clearly since they had suffered so much under the Russian yoke but they were mocked by people like our ex-President Tarja Halonen and their concerns meant nothing when the Franco-German axis strived for cheap energy, industrial cooperation including helping Russia to re-arm and the politicians kept on pocketing money when working to advance Russian interests. `Far right` in France and Germany shared the anti-globalist, anti-liberal ideology of hatred Moscow so eagerly cultivated through collaborators in the West. Business elites and actors from major parties loved to improve ties at various levels and eagerly attended fancy conferences. The anti-science stance was prevalent from the climate change deniers to Greens when the Russian gas was greenwashed and the dependence on Russian supply was happily built. Russia – of course- fueled Climate change denial in order to divide us even more. So eventually the Franco-German Axis of Appeasement tied Europe to Russia.

Each and every time `something` happened the Western leadership or should we say lack of it had to ponder – is this violation grave enough and we need to act? Or can we just brush away and enjoy the benefits of appeasing Kreml and doing business with the Muscovy? But make no mistake, dictators cannot be appeased since they take such an approach as permission if appeasement follows their aggression. And that was how it worked, it worked very well for Putin and his minions. And the more they got away with the more greedy they became. WMDs used in UK and assassinations in Berlin barely rocked the boat. So what a wonder that thousands of dead Eastern Europeans meant nothing.
All this while the people at the Eastern Frontier were patronized and warned of and blamed for Russophobia. Centuries of experience under the Russian yoke or dozens of wars obviously did not count. Killing dissidents or using chemical weapons in Western cities never lead into any conclusion never to mention serious action. The Axis of Appeasement never dared to challenge Moscow. Counting on the voters´ lack of interest and short memory and thirst for cheap energy they were able to maintain the illusion – an illusion of Russia that was not killing at will, preparing for war, and becoming ever more authoritarian.

Who cares about the Russian occupation of Donbas and Crimea, who cares about small pieces of alien land occupied in Georgia – Moldova being long forgotten? Irrelevant for those who wanted cheap energy and raw materials. Irrelevant for the people who rather enjoyed the benefits of relations with Moscow and ignored the crimes and violations committed under the flags of Russia. Russophobia stamp being readily used when someone dared to say the truth.

Lack of spine among our leaders and willingness to close eyes in front of reality enabled the Axis of Appeasement in their work. Now we are paying the price but still, the Axis works. With lame excuses or no excuses at all Germany is denying Ukraine the weapons it needs. Macron has made a joke out of himself by reaching out to the dictator in Kreml. Still refusing to say that Ukraine must win and Russia must lose. Without true victory the next war is inevitable. This happens when German leadership is still appeasing the Russian dictator with lengthy phone calls and denying Ukraine access to weapons that German companies would be ready and willing to deliver. This is happening when the Russian propaganda apparatus is advocating genocidal policies and war crimes as means to solve the situation.

Russia must be stopped and the Axis of Appeasement must align themselves on our side. Franco-German appeasers enabled, funded, armed, and supported Russian Imperialism and war on Europe. That must stop. Sooner or later – most likely sooner the whole Eastern Europe will become disillusioned with the `European Idea` since it has become clear that our Franco-German friends are not our allies nor reliable partners in our hour of need. Right up till the moment Russians started the new phase of war they were eager to tell that Ukraine should capitulate and a compromise should be found. Maybe a genocide-lite? Berlin and Paris should consider giving Brandenburg and Champagne to Moscow if they want to ponder any compromise involving a violation of Ukrainian territorial integrity. Give what is yours but do not backstab those who guard our frontiers, bleed and die for us. Seriously speaking, Russia must lose.

We gave Russia and the Russians the second chance when their Communist regime aka the Soviet Union fell. We gave the Russians thirty years of access to the West. The exposure to our societies did not convince Russians enough to make them change their society then and it won´t do it now either. Visas are deserved and granted, they are not part of human rights. Not a single tourist visa should be issued unless used as a smokescreen for activists, opposition members, and other worthy individuals whom we should never abandon. Sanctions must become more severe and restrictive day by day. Ukraine should get all the support including the most modern weapons they need for their defense and securing the legitimate borders. Ukraine must win and Russia must lose. Once Russia and Russians give up their imperialistic delusions, loathe Putinist-Stalinist regimes as Germans loathe the 3rd Reich and they agree to punish the criminals and pay the compensations we may start to think that Russia is becoming a country worth interacting with. Before that day enduring isolation must be enforced.

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